Mothergunship Review: You Will Die

I went into Mothergunship expecting not to like it. I’m not generally a huge fan of first person shooters. Yet another Call of Duty, no thanks. I can really do without hopping online and being called all types of derogatory racial slurs by a 12 year old. Besides, the dizzying spinning around to hit my targets messes with me and I’d rather not force a vertigo episode just to play a game. However, with Mothergunship I was proved wrong. I never felt like it was too much and never felt the need to go online to get more out of it. Don’t get me wrong, the game hurls everything it can at you but it’s designed in such a way that even motion sick prone gamers can enjoy.

Mothergunship is a rogue type shooter. That means every time you die you will go through a different procedurally generated ship. The point is to work your way through the armada to destroy the afformentioned Mothergunship. The game is hard! That being said you will die, like a lot. No seriously the game is absolutely insane with the amount of bullets that come flying at you. However death just sends you back to your ship to try again, and try again you will. See that’s the beauty of Mothergunship, no matter how many times you die you want to hop back in for just one more match. It’s a very rewarding type of punishment that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment when you finally clear a ship. That is if you can clear the next ship. Like I said, the game is hard.

Before you leave for each mission you will be asked to pick from your stash of gun parts. Choose carefully as anything you are carrying when you die you will lose. This adds a different level to your risk reward system. Once upon the ship you will have to use the selected parts in order to craft your guns. That’s right, there isn’t any completed firearms. Every weapon that you use must be crafted first. Now you can take the cheap way out and just use the barrels of guns that you find as a standalone weapon; however, there is no fun in that and you will not get far at all without tweaking your weapons. While exploring the ships you will receive gold and experience to further boost your character. You will find shops along the way in order to increase your arsenal. In each shop there will be a crafting station to further customize your guns. The crafting system is so deep that I can’t even begin to fathom how many combinations of weapons are actually in the game. I would assume it’s thousands if not millions, there’s that much there!

Exploration is very simple. You simply go from room to room and kill things until you get to a boss. The rooms themselves are fairly boring because they are used over and over again but how they connect and enemies within them change giving you a sense of re-playability and you never seem to mind the background scene not changing too much, kind of like an episode of the Flintstones. That’s it, story is there but is mostly a vehicle to deliver why you should continue. That being said the writing is hilarious and I enjoyed getting to the next area to hear the exchange of banter between the characters. Even death offers a smile when the NPC’s comment on your demise. I honestly wish more games took this approach as death felt less like a chore and more like a chance to try again.

All in all Mothergunship is a pretty solid game. It takes the best dynamics of its counterparts and creates something unique. You have the endless combination of guns similar to Borderlands. You have the procedurally generated rooms similar to Binding of Iassic or Spelunky and the extreme difficulty of Dark Souls. The amount of bullets flying around is very much Gradius but in FPS format. Finally you have the writing style from Portal 2. The developers have crafted a nice mix and match to create something that feels 100% their own. I can definitely recommend Mothergunship to almost anyone, even if you don’t like shooting games like me. Mothergunship is available for $29.99 on Xbox One. Playstation 4 and PC.

8 out of 10

All photos courtesy of and Playstation.Com

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