Black Mirror season 5 gets a release window and an extra surprise

After an ominous announcement that it actually existed earlier this year, Netflix has finally announced when we will actually get to binge Black Mirror season 5. They will be bringing the notoriously twisted series back in December 2018. This alone is exciting news and if you haven’t had the pleasure or watching the series, please free your calendar up to stream these suckers. For the uninitiated Black Mirror is a modern-day/futuristic anthology in the style of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Black Mirror sets itself apart by having every single episode technology based. Some are a little hard to watch and make you curious as to why all the fuss, while others, however display the brilliance behind the series as a whole.

In what is possibly the most Black Mirror premise they can actually do, one of the episodes will be a choose your own adventure meaning the viewer will decide the protagonist’s outcome…. how meta! This leaves one to be curious as to how it will be executed but if any show can pull it off, it is this one. My only fear is during my viewing that I’ll actually be a part of the episode and some horrible fate will fall upon me as I watch the very show about technology destroying us…or probably not. Now excuse me, I have to go re-watch the first 4 seasons so I’m ready for December.

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