Deadpool 2 to release PG-13 version

In what can be something no one expected but somehow at the same time nobody should be surprised Fox will release a PG-13 version of their mega hit Deadpool 2. Parents can now concede to their kid’s demands to watch the previously not suitable for children title. The film will release December 21st of this year just in time for the Holidays. The film will be in the vain of The Princess Bride with Deadpool telling a bedtime story to a grown up Fred Savage. That was more than likely done in an effort to extend the movie since most of it will need to be left on the cutting room floor in order to garner that PG-13 rating. Being a Deadpool movie I’m curious to see if they’ll add in a self-awareness to the story about how¬†he can only drop one F-Bomb and get away with it. That in and of itself would be worth the price of admission. If this pans out to be successful one has to wonder if Fox and Disney will do the same thing for the original. I’m interested in this one just to watch Ryan Reynolds purposely tone it down. I feel it will bring an extra layer of humor that wasn’t available in the original. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Images courtesy of Fox Media

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