First Impressions for The World Ends with You

Out this week “The World Ends with You”, is a beautiful game with a quirky style and a musical soul.  The game was originally a cult classic by the illustrious Square Enix on Nintendo DS, it has since been ported over and remastered on the Nintendo Switch.

The silence of a quiet room seems almost unwelcoming after a long session of “The World Ends with You”, lovingly coined TWEWY by its die-hard fan base.  Every moment of the game is stuffed with a diverse mix of music and beats. A new character appears and all of a sudden my headphones are flooded with a powerful chorus of rap.  I switch over to the inventory and am welcomed with a soft cool beat, I jump into a battle and my heart beats fast with the theme as I take down the “Noise”.

The noise, being one of the main antagonistic parts of the story, are street stylized beasts that get pitched against Neku.  A headphone toting loner that sees people as a burden to his every step. Following that and supporting Neku is the upbeat and mysterious Shiki.  They form a pact to team up to survive a survival like “Game” leading them around Shibuya for 7 days.

The game is a love letter to RPG fans and anyone who has an eclectic love of music.  To those looking to go back to an old classic, or maybe pick up one they missed, I highly recommend picking up the remaster of The World Ends with You.  Bring a pair of “phones” and for the love of all that is good gaming, please play it in tablet mode.

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