Live Action Film My Hero Academia Coming Soon

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Dear God, it’s that time again. Time for another great anime to receive a sub-par live action film adaptation. The newest victim, “Boku no Hero Academia”(My Hero Academia). Announced Wednesday, Legendary Studios made a statement that it plans to take the big manga franchise to the big screen in even bigger way. This can be seen as an attempt to capitalize off of the recent success of the animation film by Funimation Films, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. According to Deadline, Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter will oversee the live-action project on behalf of Legendary, with Ryosuke Yoritomi on behalf of the manga publisher Shueisha. Toho will distribute the film in Japan as well.

Alas, this will be yet another anime live action adaptation┬áthat promises to make fans cringe. I will admit though, the Bleach live action movie was pretty good. Let’s just hope Legendary wont drop the ball on this one.

Via: Deadline

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  1. I think given the fact that this Manga and Anime are still relatively new it is a good candidate for live action. One problem with Bleach or Full Metal was just the sheer amount of material. It makes it harder to come up with an original story or to condense down into 90 minutes. I’m new to the series but I really like it and since I tend to be a fan of Legendary I will definitely check this out.

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