The Power of Funko Pops; Why Everyone Should Have At Least One

Disclaimer: Please take note this article is not in any way an advertisement for the Funko Pop company, neither is ATQN being paid for the publishing of this article. This is an opinionated article based on personal experiences, group discussions, and research. We do however hope you find the information provided educational and informative. Please enjoy!

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If you have not heard of a Funko Pop ,they are these fun-sized, 4 to 6 inch vinyl figures, usually have a blank stare, and are in the form of a character from various walks of fictional and real life. People often obtain these vinyl figures for many reasons. Some may call them a “nerds”trophy or a sentimental heirloom. Others may seek them out as a collector’s item. Funko pop vinyl figures nowadays fetch for a pretty hefty chunk of change depending on their rarity. It is for these reasons why I personally believe everyone who is a nerd, geek, buff, fanatic, you name it, should have at least one.


The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

In previous years, Funko Pops were seen to cater to a much “younger audience”. Over time, that “label” became nothing more than an oversight, as the company began to design more pops for more “pop culture” categories allowing them to begin catering to much older audiences. Generally the “stereotype”, one often correlating with gaming, was that the pop figures were only meant for a younger demographic. On the contrary, older audiences dominated the market. Comic Conventions are a great example. At conventions Funko Pops are the golden eggs. Often times rare once in a lifetime pop figures appear for sale. Sure they may seem like something a fourteen year old may walk around with, however, to us adults it can be reminiscent of our own younger times. A physical manifestation of our inner child on display. Which makes it the perfect gift for anyone. The assortment of different pops is almost infinite as well. There are so many characters to choose. If there is a TV show, movie, pop culture, cartoon, or almost any visual medium, there is a Funko Pop for it or it’s in the works.


“They forgot to take Dead Yamcha out, started to smell”


An Investment You Can Touch

In recent years, there has been an increase in individuals beginning to invest more in stocks, “cryptocurrencies IRAs, mutual bonds, etc. However, what most people do not realize is that the majority of toys, collectible items from popular movies or TV shows, beanie babies, all hold value almost like a stock would. They are considered what is called a “tangible investment”. I’m sure my sealed copy of Super Smash Bros Melee for example, may one day fetch a nice price. Looking at Funko Pops with this in mind, over the years these fun, dead eyed mimics have also created their own value. Not every pop figure is created equal after all. There are some sold exclusively to certain retailers, conventions, or only on Funko’s website for a specific time. If your lucky however, you may find a sale. Even if your buying from the company directly or indirectly, you always want to ensure you have paid a reasonable price for your pop figure. So do yourself a favor a Google the name of your Funko Pop and compare pricing before you buy. You should do that more so for rare ones that have long been discontinued and/or hard to find in mint condition. As long as you do your research you wont be sorry. Your investment will surely pay off one day.

“The Chill Titan”


Feel Like A Kid Again

Its interesting, as kids we yearn to become adults, yet once we’ve reached adulthood we yearn to be young again. What better way to embrace that inner spring time of youth, than by purchasing a memento from your childhood. One can even embrace it by simply converting something that was seen as mature to something childish. (Chibi!) From Doug’s Quail Man and Quail Dog saving another day to the Baba Yaga John Wick covered in blood, there is something for everyone. At one point the Funko company even allowed consumers to create their own personalize pop figure on their site. So what ever your desire, more than likely there is a pop figure for it.

Overall, Funko over the years has diversified their merchandise to cater to a more wide range of consumers. All of which share one thing in common, a love for art. To some degree we are all artistic in our own way. I personally feel Funko pops express my love for specific media that i enjoy. I’m sure I could learn how to make one of my own design. However, it’s the art and design selection that the creators at Funko that make these figures more desirable; creating an in flux in demand per figure which in turn creates value. Why not buy something the you’re not only going to love, but also may be reimbursed plus more for your purchase. In the end, everyone should at consider investing themselves on at least one of these amazing figures.

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  1. Great article, really well written. I don’t think Bobble heads were ever meant for (just) children. If you look at the history of the Funko Pop company you can see that they understood adult collecting from an really point. There is a great documentary on nextflix about how the company evolved and how collectors really shaped it’s mission. Really enjoyed this article!

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