Katsucon 2019: The Wonderland of Cosplay

There will always be tales of legendary events for each path in the fandom. For the cosplaying and anime loving fans, one of those legendary events is Katsucon. Katsucon is a three day convention that has been held in the Washington D.C. area since 1995. Since 2010 the event has been held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. This resort is on the National Harbor, only a couple minutes outside of Downtown D.C.

I have been attending conventions since 2014 from Otakon to Wizard Con, but I had never attended Katsucon until this year. I was expecting the usual mixture of pro cosplayers and novice cosplayers, shows and events, and dealer’s room, and maybe if I was lucky a nice spot for a great photoshoot opportunity. Katsucon blew all of my expectations out of the water.

The Gaylord National Resort was the perfect place to hold this event. The entire grounds inside and out were utterly captivating. Inside hosted large marblesque doors, cute little house shaped stores, a waterfall, and most noteworthy a stunning white gazebo. The entire main show room was enclosed in glass so you could see the beautiful harbor and ferris wheel, without having to brave the elements. The outside had beautiful rock streams, rolling hills, picturesque brick walls, and beautiful beaches.

Besides the aesthetics that dazzled you when you arrived, there was even more packed into this resort. There were large rooms that housed the formal ball for Katsucon, the Rave, and even the Gamer’s Room. If you were patient you could even go up to the Pose Rooftop Lounge. The Pose had breathtaking views of the entire harbor while you were surrounded with incredible lighting, fun music, and delicious drinks. Inside the resort and surround the resort were plenty of delicious spots to eat at no matter what you were in the mood for and ranged from low end to high end prices.

View from Pose Rooftop Lounge overlooking the street taken by Maria Paganelli

If you were lucky enough to score a room at the Gaylord Resort you could also get a room with a balcony that looked over the main area. The rooms at the resort were good sizes, with great mirror lighting. Important for you cosplay selfies! If you can’t score a room at the Gaylord, there are plenty of hotels around the area even 7 minutes out with the options of a short Uber carpool or even parking at one of the local parking garages.

Cosplayer: http://instagram.com/raecheveyc and instagram.com/castlecosplay Photographer: https://www.instagram.com/acariah

Now while the building itself was stunning, and the events lined up from the Katsucon crew was great, what really sets this event above the rest is the people who come! There were so many cosplayers, some for their first cosplay, to even professionals like Jessica Nigiri. There were thousands of people who had a chance to meet with their followers from instagram and it was an atmosphere of love, positive energy, and excitement. Katsucon being all night made it easy to hang out in the main area get to meet new cosplayers and photographers, go pick up some art work or fan gear in the Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley. You could also go grab a bite to eat, go Dance a little, watch anime, play games, maybe attend a room party, go to the 18+ events after hours and maybe sneak in some sleep.

For three days you were transported to a magical place that never slept and could always catered to your anime and cosplay desires. Even if you needed a break you could take a short trip to go sight seeing ( even people watching at the convention couldn’t catch your attention enough). If your a cosplayer, want to get into cosplaying, love seeing cosplayers then Katsucon is a must go for you. This is so far the most spectacular convention I have had the privilege of attending. I hope you enjoy the featured photography skills from Scott Flaherty a @acariah on Instagram. If you are interested in attending keep a watch on Katsucon’s Page for updates on Hotels and Badges. I’ll definitely be there for Katsucon 2020!

The creator behind the lens http://instagram.com/acariah

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