Endgame: The Cinematic Adventure of a Lifetime

There are things in everyone’s lives that leave a certain imprint. Either these imprints are physical, emotional, mental, or other wise, they are there to withstand the tests of time. They stand with you forever, later jogging memories, putting smiles on your faces, or giving you that hazy, day-dreaming sensation. This experience called End Game, yes I used the word ‘experience’ in the feel measure of the phrase, will give you imprints from all different ranges. As the movie picks up from where we left off (no spoilers, we promise), you get the sense that you’ve never left. The characters, emotions, problems, joys, happiness, sadness etc are all these, fully visible in front of you.

Three hours felt as if they blew by in a couple of eye blinks. The development of characters was by far the best thing about the movie. The ups and downs are what made the chunk of the movie, at least for me. In the telling of those stories came an end. The end of which everyone had been started eleven years ago, and tied up like a present on Christmas day. Looking into the deeper aspects of the film, everyone, and I mean ‘everyone’ had their time to shine. Going into the movie I thought some people would be glanced over, or completely written off, but as the Russo brothers had said multiple times in interviews, ‘people who stared in Infinity War, would have smaller roles here and vice versa’. That couldn’t be closer to the truth, so if your favorite character in last year’s blockbuster was M.I.A then look for them to shine here, also on the same foot if they were headlining last time, maybe control your assumptions for them this go around.

I know this part might be boring to you, but bear with me. The cinematography was amazing. The angles used, timing, prop placement, lighting, etc was on point and without any errors, at least from what I’d seen. By far the most important thing to take away from this movie, isn’t the action, the drama, or anything else but what actually creates those things, the writing. The writers, Stephen Mcfeely, and Christopher Markus are masters of their craft. They’ve constructed a universe on paper full of extremely impact dialogue, idea sparking scenes, and gripping emotion all within a couple sentences. End game is one of those films that the Russo brothers will need to hold in a high place of honor for the rest of their days. I might be wrong but this one will stand the test of time, not just as a ‘superhero movie’ but rather as an epic that deserves the respect that it has taken, one stone at a time.

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