Detective Pikachu: a No Spoiler Review

 I can still remember all the anticipation and excitement that flowed through my body as I waited in line to see the first Pokemon movie in theater. I clutched my young hand around new shiny mew Poke card while I tried to guess at how I would feel seeing the Pokemon I love come to life on the big screen. I had these same feelings last night as I waited to see Detective Pikachu. I left both nights full of contentment and wonderment.

Detective Pikachu is a perfect movie for Pokemon lovers of the past and present. The story line is well written to be digestible for young children, and riddled with nods to the past sprinkled with some light adult humor. I found myself consistently engaged through out the entirety of the film.

Not only was the film well written, but the cast selection was great. The actors were believable with out some of the cheesy aurora that can be found in more recent family films. If you were also worried that this would be Pikachu the Deadpool movie, I can assure you the Ryan Renolds did a phenomenal job at embodying a beloved-ed Pokemon while still sprinkling in enough Ryan charm.

I saw Detective Pikachu in 3D, and would recommend watching the film in 3D if you can. The cinematography is stunning and will really make you feel Bessemer in the film. If you are looking for a great Pokemon nostalgia film or a movie to see with the whole family, then this movie is a must see this summer!

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